Cynthia Gallegoz

Katour’s is pleased that Cynthia Gallegoz joins us to provide the newest technique in creating the perfect eyebrows – microblading.


Cynthia  is twice certified: Dallas Skin Institute; 2) Lindsey Ta, the founder of Microblading LA. She recently received 1st place in the World of Microblading 2016 competition. 


Her expertise has led Cynthia to begin a trainer certification where she will train others on the techniques for creating custom, natural looking eyebrows through microblading.


If you are considering microblading, Cynthia wants to share important information: Microbalding is a semi-permanent makeup procedure that allows you to dramatically fill in, correct or reconstruct the eyebrow.

It is a 2-step process. The second step generally occurs 6-8 weeks after the initial procedure. The initial procedure takes approx 2 hours and includes choosing a color tone, selecting the initial outline of the brow, approving your selections. The final touch-up step takes approx 1 hour and includes filling in any area requiring additional hair strokes or color tone consistencies.

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